This week isn't good for me! I'm running from the past and struggling to cope at the same time, the listening ear isn't there and i'm feeling like i'm on my own. I understand everyone has to have a holiday and has other things to do other than dealing with me but it's so quiet... Continue Reading →

Had enough!

Today i'm really pissed off, jenny has been sticking her nose into something which isn't her business she feels that Sarah is taking advantage of us she feels that she is using our car as her own personal taxi service and that isn't the case, if i'm a little short of funds then i offer... Continue Reading →

8.33 am

I'm awake but not bothering to take my meds or have a drink, whats the point! the young lady i like isn't talking to me she says she is there to listen just like everyone else as usual i've pushed her away like i didn't others before her, no one really wants me do they.... Continue Reading →

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