I’m sorry?

I have to apologies for getting something out of context whatever that means i've never had a best friend and i'm really scared that they will go just like all the rest once they get bored of me which is what has always happened in the past, i'm extremely hard work and so dam scared... Continue Reading →

I’m sorry

I need to apologies and try and find a way of affording friends, i'm not used to not paying money to keep friends everyone assumes that i'm joking but i'm not i'm deadly serious at one stage i used to pay up to £40 per person plus food and drinks and tickets for shows and... Continue Reading →

Thinking day!

Today is a thinking day i sat last night in the cold wondering what i need to do again, no one is there anymore and i'm struggling to cope with this depression on my own people are aggitated that i send them messages or try to contact them on different social media apps, the latest... Continue Reading →

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