Beady eyes!

after the events of today i have finally realised that i've been a fool for believing that no one cared one shit what i did my new best friend was truly looking out for me and so was jenny, she alerted the bossman and my friend of what i did last night and yesterday afternoon... Continue Reading →

I’m sorry

I need to apologies and try and find a way of affording friends, i'm not used to not paying money to keep friends everyone assumes that i'm joking but i'm not i'm deadly serious at one stage i used to pay up to £40 per person plus food and drinks and tickets for shows and... Continue Reading →

No words!

Tonight i met Jenny after her comments this afternoon that maybe she could have me run down if i carry on talking to one person like glue and be her GDB (General Dogs Body), i'm not having her making threats to me and call someone like that just because she is jealous. I've just told... Continue Reading →

Had enough!

Today i'm really pissed off, jenny has been sticking her nose into something which isn't her business she feels that Sarah is taking advantage of us she feels that she is using our car as her own personal taxi service and that isn't the case, if i'm a little short of funds then i offer... Continue Reading →

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