This week isn't good for me! I'm running from the past and struggling to cope at the same time, the listening ear isn't there and i'm feeling like i'm on my own. I understand everyone has to have a holiday and has other things to do other than dealing with me but it's so quiet... Continue Reading →


Today i could really do with some support from someone dad has a 10 out of 10 scale on the pain scale today in all his joints and i don't have any backup pain killers to give him, the GP took away the Naproxen and Tramadel and Paracetamol so the only options i have are... Continue Reading →

3.46 am

So I'm wide awake dad called me on the house phone head tried several times to call me other ways but knew I'd answer the house phone as that is in every room in the house. It seems his reason was clear his pain is higher that 15 using the general pain scale of 1... Continue Reading →

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