So i picked jenny up about 6.30 pm tonight and she complained that i was to busy looking after dad to get her and that if her stuff has got wet then it was my fault and tht she would be late to stay with Danny, unfortunately she got the full brunt of me shouting... Continue Reading →


This week isn't good for me! I'm running from the past and struggling to cope at the same time, the listening ear isn't there and i'm feeling like i'm on my own. I understand everyone has to have a holiday and has other things to do other than dealing with me but it's so quiet... Continue Reading →

No Care!

So for the past 3 days i've had not carer support, it was Sarah's day off on Wednesday and i was volunteering at the Hospital when i returned home at 12 pm dad was happy using his tablet computer and searching for car's. I had to get the wheelie bins down the garden and empty... Continue Reading →

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