A muddled mind!

Its been really difficult today to cope with my depression absolutly everything i've done today as failured and its been so quiet that my mind has been thinking bad thoughts, I attempted to call the crisis resolution team but dad made me put the phone down because he said i'd caused enough trouble as it... Continue Reading →


Yesterday I attended a assessment with the Leicestershire primary care trusts crisis resolution team at the Bradgate Mental Health Unit at Glenfield Hospital here in Leicester. After a 3 hour assessment it was decided that I did not require to be hospitalised but did require further support management from there teams in the community, it... Continue Reading →


Over the past 24 hours I've received 3 calls from different health care teams and adult social services with a view to providing me with immediate support and mental health care, I'm scared of what might happen but I'm also scared that my friend will back out from her support and that will mean I'm... Continue Reading →

Help coming

I finally went to see my GP about how I'm feeling! After my friend being so concerned that she contacted authorities with regards to my mental state. For the minute I'm really scared I'm going to lose everyone and my new best friend will walk away just like others before her I, I'm scared to... Continue Reading →

I want help!

I'm scared of how I'm thinking sometimes I want help but need more support that people think, without technology I struggle to read things and write, I can do both but it takes a very long time and means nothing makes sense! I have for years hidden my struggles because it was easier than trying... Continue Reading →


Everyone I try to talk to don't want to know as long as it's not involving them or won't incriminate them in some way everyone just wants to walk away, I want the help I'm willing to take it before it's to late but I'm scared of being so alone again I'm scared of telling... Continue Reading →

I’m sorry

I'm sorry for wrecking everyone's day I'm sorry for the quiet world I live in were people are bored of me busy running their own live rolling their eyes when text tem hope like crazy I'd implement what I say, my wake up call this morning was from Leicestershire Polices mental health assessment and crisis... Continue Reading →

Beady eyes!

after the events of today i have finally realised that i've been a fool for believing that no one cared one shit what i did my new best friend was truly looking out for me and so was jenny, she alerted the bossman and my friend of what i did last night and yesterday afternoon... Continue Reading →


Today someone proved they actually carered about me and I throw it back in their face? I had a call from the Leicestershire police with a concern for welfare enquiry. My friend who I trust was concerned that I would try to end my life, and she would have been correct! But for the fact... Continue Reading →


It feel like I'm a problem to everyone that my life is worth nothing most days now I go bed hoping that I sleep and never wake up! People are bored of me, they are inquisitive for a while but don't really want to help. I'm just a great talking point? Some who when I... Continue Reading →


So i picked jenny up about 6.30 pm tonight and she complained that i was to busy looking after dad to get her and that if her stuff has got wet then it was my fault and tht she would be late to stay with Danny, unfortunately she got the full brunt of me shouting... Continue Reading →

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