So here goes the simple crap. I was born in 1974 I’m 5ft 4in tall & still live at home I’m a sufferer of chronic respiratory diseases and depression (which i Choose not to take medication for).

I’ve never been married and scrounge off the benefits system like most would assume people like me do. Sadly assumptions are the only valid thought in this world and that of governments around the globe so i can’t disappoint? Whether I’d like to change it or not it is assumed i don’t have the abilities or skills to be anything different.

And i therefore don’t intend to disappoint readers, friends or family alike. I’m always sarcastic and have absolutely no care if it offends or not, i work on the principle that if you are reading this blog then your reading it because like everyone your fucking nosey.

I don’t care if your an official or just a everyday looney toon like me if you get offended by rude or offensive language then i suggest you fuck off now! because i won’t be holding back.

I have mild dyslexia and almost every paragraph has some sort of error, so clever dick comments aren’t welcome if your that perfect yourself why do you shit out your arsehole when you are doing perfectly talking it out of your mouth.