Help coming

I finally went to see my GP about how I’m feeling! After my friend being so concerned that she contacted authorities with regards to my mental state.

For the minute I’m really scared I’m going to lose everyone and my new best friend will walk away just like others before her I, I’m scared to ask her if she will be my advocate if she will come and work by my side to help me get through this?

My dad has accepted that she will look after me and support my best interests as long as things get sorting and I get back to being the old Glynn again! I’m scared to ask her if she will sit by my side as my support I’m scared that she has just been saying she will support me even though she knows for well I have no chance.

For the first time ever I’m getting help but I want someone to be with me I’m ashamed to ask her but I trust her much more than anyone I’ve ever trusted bar one! My blog is the only way I can ask her because I struggle to talk face to face on how I feel! I need help but I need someone I trust by my side if possible to support me.

I’m 43 but I’m terrified, I’m terrified that i’m going to left along that my thoughts will take over and that my one best will leave my life as fast as she appeared. Please don’t go and leave me please! 😐🤐

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