Over the past 24 hours I’ve received 3 calls from different health care teams and adult social services with a view to providing me with immediate support and mental health care, I’m scared of what might happen but I’m also scared that my friend will back out from her support and that will mean I’m alone again which I don’t want.

I had to go take my car for a service today as well as head to Wigston to get my tyre tracking sorted, so on my return journey home I stopped at saffron hill cemetery to find the grave of a former school friend who passed away in 2008 from a accidental overdose, something I’ve thought about a few times recently.

I found her grave Sarah Jane Best passed away 8th December 2008. She was about my age? I don’t like thinking about things at this minute. I miss mum and wish sometimes I was taken instead of her.

I’m scared my neme friend won’t support me. I’m scared I’ll end up on my own again just like always.

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