So i picked jenny up about 6.30 pm tonight and she complained that i was to busy looking after dad to get her and that if her stuff has got wet then it was my fault and tht she would be late to stay with Danny, unfortunately she got the full brunt of me shouting at her and it made her upset, i will never ever hit anyone i’d rather walk away! but she acquised me of only taking notice of her because her friend had suggested i talk to my girlfriend.

To be honest the mood i was in i really didn’t care if she was there or not it seems dad plans to go everywhere with me tomorrow and time how long it takes me to get to places so that he knows if i’m not doing as he says, he also plans to slowly over the next few months make it impossible for me and jenny to meet, as he says he and mum put the advanced payment down on my current car so he now owns 50% of it and can therefore decided what i do and when.

At this present time to be honest he can have everything because sooner or later it won’t be any use to me anyway? Jenny has so much more fun when I’m not around it’s obvious at the way she looks when I walk through the door to when she don’t know that I’m there.

I know I am no good for her and her friends have told her for ages but she still don’t see it, she is staying at Danny’s and I know for well the temptation for him to do something with her will be there. And to be honest I don’t really care.

Everything and everyone are slowly but surely parting company with me and I don’t blame them, if jenny and Danny do something they shouldn’t that is it and seriously don’t want to know or see her ever again.

She is free to do as she pleases but I will never in my lifetime go anywhere with her. We will see?

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