Sitting in the car!

I got home at 3.10pm after being out since 1pm helping to support someone who was meeting family for the first time in a year! The minute I got through the door dad had a go? Telling me that the cow needs to stop to think about him sitting there lonely.

Fuck knows who the cow is but they have been taking my time up that I could have spent doing some house work because it’s my fault that the carer isn’t showing up now and he’s paying for that, all I did was give her her first warning for not turning up for work without giving a reason for three days in a row?

Now it’s my fault she isn’t turning up and he is being billed by ss his contribution towards her wages, I vacuumed the lounge and cleaned the kitchen worktops as well as put the dishes away.

I can’t take being had a go at for fighting his corner like he asked me to I hate walking out but I have no choose as I’d probably kill the cunt if he had carried on.

Sometimes he really does get to me, i wish he wouldn’t do it, its not my fault but it feels like it is, i sat on the glenfield coop car park for 2 hours before i when and picked jenny up for a bit. but didn’t feel like chatting i dropped her off at 8.45 and have just returned home its 10.15 i took a walk along the canel near aylestone.. By the time i got home dad is fast asleep so i’m going to go bed now and hopefully manage to sleep if not i’ll be blogging all night.

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