Still Shaking!

I had my new inhalar this morning and it gave me the shakes, and they haven’t gone all day this is going to be a big challenge and problem if i can’t find a way of getting it under control most of the drugs i’ve been on over the years have given me shaking and over time i’ve learnt to control it.

The new inhalar is called FOSTAIR 200/6 but all the inhalers work in the same way but have a different drug within them, Most of the drugs I use for my diseases also treat my severe asthma, below are some videos which will help you to understand what i deal with most of the time.

The video below i really want you to watch and listen to, it says everything about how i feel and what this disease and this blog and my life as it is means to me, if this video educates just one person who is reading this then i have acheived something and someone knows a little how it feels to be me..

Unfortunately coming off that medication has meant a uncontrolled return of the shaking and i’m now having to relearn how to control the even stronger hand shaking than i’ve had before, might have to use my mono pod tomorrow if i take some photos as this will be a massive problem if i can’t find a way to stop it of slow it down a little.

I know i’d love to have a hot drink but i dare not take the risk, the medication is also giving me some slight problems with my memory to i’d got used to the memory issues i already have but this is a added obstucle that is starting to really do my head in.

I’m embarrassed that i now can’t even remember what i went shopping for even with a list i still don’t manage to bring back the right stuff, unfortunately for me everyone goes to sleep and stops chatting when its the most quietest for me and sadly thats when the voices start making me feel i’m the reason why people don’t want to chat to me.

The quietest time for me is from 9pm until late, because my brain is constantly active i have no choice but to stay awake with this condition there is no such thing as sleep and this sort of time is what makes life challenging, it is too unsafe to for use to take medication to assist in sleeping as this can cause problems with our respiratory system and mean that we require constant monitoring.

So it is safer not to take the sleep medication and to accept that night times will always be the biggest challenge when you live with a set of diseases that need such powerful drugs to help reduce infections and slow the disease progression down.

I wish sometimes people really understood how difficult my life really is and how i feel so anxious and embarrassed by the problems i have but choose not to tell people about except the person who is my true friend.


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