Snow go?

We have no carer again which means I’m on my lonesome trying to muddle through the day. The nurse has been into visit dad and he’s legs are now healed so he no longer needs them to visit, which is good for him but not for me as I’m losing the only medical contact I had each day to check on me and him.

O well I suppose I shouldn’t have relied on others to help me, it’s true it seems family carers are lonely carers who say nothing and just carry on regardless and are only identified as struggling when it’s to late. Then all the questions are asked of why? after something has gone wrong I always assumed prevention was always better than cure it seems I was wrong.

Dad is now demanding that I go out shopping again in the snow, I wish I could get warm and I wish I had someone who actually cared about how I feel but no one does.

Because I finally had the guts to say what I thought to someone, I’ve lost that person I’ve lost her trust and the feeling of being safe I’ve lost something I’d never managed to have before.

They say the east Midlands will get heavy snow from 4 am tomorrow and dad says that I need to go out and get shopping regardless of the weather, as he used to have to do it and I’m a wimp like my generation are.

I think I will be out tonight again and if I freeze who really cares!

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