Lonely world

I said what I felt in a text message because I was told it was a good idea to, now I feel so alone I feel I’ve lost everything again I have always kept quiet since being assaulted in 2010.

I trust the young lady I fancy and care about she makes me feel wanted but now I’m alone again because I told her how I feel about her! Being quiet was safest now I’m really scared and lonely I have nothing again! I had my first true friend but I don’t now I wanted a friend and someone I could love and care about.

Instead I lost everything, I have no support again today she has just rang to say that the snow is due to get bad and she is concerned that she will be unable to return home later, my dad is really cold and in pain in his joints.

He says he wants me to go out and do a full shop as well as go to the bank, my chest infection is bad today and the cold isn’t helping but someone has to do something as we have no food in the house as he’s eaten most of it.

He says it’s comfort eatting I only had a tin of soup and that was 2 yrs out of date. O well better get sorted? Now I only have my blog to chat to I’ll post again later.

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