It’s dam cold outside they are saying on the news we are going to get snow, I really don’t see that happening but hey I didn’t see the iceberg that the titanic hit but that’s me

I sent a text the other day telling the young lady I fancy how I feel? It’s the first ever time in my whole life that I have told someone how I feel about them.

I’m still so scared of their reaction as from previous experiences I’ve been assaulted or abused for saying how I feel, this is why I find it so so hard to tell people how I feel and is the biggest reason why my depression is really bad.

I trust the young lady I feel safe around her but in the back of my mind it feels that history will repeat itself and I will this time receive a maybe fatal head injury, I’m terrified of telling people how I feel, the young lady hasn’t text me since and I’m so scared I’m going to get what happened last time I said something.

Although last time all I did was propose! I wish she would just talk to me tell me that it’s ok? I’m cold and scared I don’t know what to do!

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