So scared

I can’t stop feel so scared all I wanted to do is tell someone how I feel about them now, I’m so scared all I keep seeing when I close my eyes is the hammer head coming towards me.

I wanted to tell her how I felt hoping that she would say the same about me but I’m scared I have made a enemy I’m scared she will send someone to try and assault me, I just wanted to tell her.

I’ve been crying for half the night I don’t know were to run to I want her to cuddle me, to tell me she feels the same and to tell me I’ve done nothing wrong but it won’t happen I know I will end up were I was before for something else.

And this time my advanced medical directorate (i cant remember if i destroyed it) will kick in and my machine will be switched off.

I’m so scared that someone I trust and fancy so so much will never talk to me again, I can’t stop crying I don’t know what to do! I have no way out of my feels for her and know she will hate me with vengeance and will avoid me at all costs, I know she is the only person I ever truly trusted the only person could talk to me and I would listen.

Now I’ve lost her now I have no one all because I wanted to tell her how I feel I wanted to be accepted and loved, I’m so scared and so so tired.

Please love me please accept what I said and give me a chance, please don’t leave me to feel like this? I promise on my life I will stay professional when working along side you. I promise I won’t let you down and I promise I won’t hurt you ever.

Stop me feeling so scared stop. I don’t like this feeling i don’t want to lose people again?


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