I feel unwell!

I haven’t slept and now i really feel unwell i’m anxious i’ve upset the young lady i like and now she isn’t texting me i don’t want to lose her she is the reason why i’m even here at this minute because she has been listening to me and encouraging me to continue i had my medication at 9 am but i don’t feel well at all, my mobile phone was barred by the network because of a unpaid bill which i paid the other day and could prove it so even when the operator told be they couldn’t find my payment it really pissed me off.

Thankfully my bank keeps the payments authorisation code therefore my missing money could be found paying someone elses bill, I told the operator he can stick my contract and my phone if i don’t get my money back He said it wasn’t possible without the authorisation from the other bill payer, funny thing is that once i put the phone down on him and went down to the shop with my bank statement all of a sudden i can have my money back and now my bill is paid with credit.

I still feel crap i have the constant shakes and i don’t know what to do to stop it. i made a offer on facebook to anyone that wanted a milkshake making please deliver me a pint of milk and i’ll be happy to help. 3 people asked for my address (some people as so fucking thick)

I apologies for upsetting people my blog is my way of expressing my feelings and i know sometimes i upset lots of people i 100% accept that people will no longer wish to know me and this is why i’ve never kept friends for long!

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