No words!

Tonight i met Jenny after her comments this afternoon that maybe she could have me run down if i carry on talking to one person like glue and be her GDB (General Dogs Body), i’m not having her making threats to me and call someone like that just because she is jealous.

I’ve just told jenny on message that i no longer trust her or anything, i told her i have been loyal to her 100% and that she hasn’t to me, but she see’s nothing wrong with it.

Now she says she plans to take all her ibruprohen tablets but like aways she is doing it to get attention and i’m not having it.

I’ve told her than when I’m working with people in working with them if they are women I’m not fucking them or interested in them except for one who I’m interested in so I don’t need a jealous minder.

I wish jenny would take the hint and fuck off because since her sleeping with Danny I truly don’t want to be around her but would like to be friends as I know I can easily support her, she is at Danny’s this weekend and I’ve warned her about fucking him and that it will be the last time she ever sees me again. She won’t take it that we are over and keeps going.

But this time I’m sorry I’ve had enough, I’ve been abused and used before in exactly the same way and last time I had to spend 7 yrs of my life trying to get at least a little bit of my life back.

But like everything in my life I’m just one big excuse of a waste of space.

I’m sorry for being a failure to everyone I’m sorry I can’t tell anyone face to face things at this minute, I’d rather just sit quiet.

I would be willing to try and talk to you face to face probably if I knew it would only be us and no one else and if you would at least promise to give me a chance as well as allow me to treat you with some of my love! Teach me ways to cope and not feel so anxious around groups of people.

Stop me from feeling so isolated when I’m around you I know I can trust you I know you are there if I go quiet because things are getting to me, I know you will hold my hand when we are alone and reassure me!

I know you read my blogs now it’s my only voice at this minute my only way of telling you and others how I feel! I feel so so much comfortable around you! You don’t judge me you listen you have a joke and you keep me smiling and I really need that?

I understand I’m a big challenge and hard work sometimes but please will you give me a chance! As well as help me through this!!

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