Good bad and all change!

Today i’ve been to see my respiratory consultant for my six monthly check-up my check up consists of a breathing test called Spirometry which is used to check my lung compasity to see if it has changed from the last time i was in clinic, this helps to identify if the disease has developed further or has stablised, in my case the results show that my lung capasity has increased from 42% to 47%.

But the FEV1/FVC (FEV1 = Forced expiratory volume in one second) & (FVC = forced vital capacity) if you have obstructive airway disease like i do then the amount of air you can quickly blow out of your lungs is dramatically reduced this results in a lower FEV1 than FVC.

I also have blood tests which check for underlying infections. my PEAK FLOW READING LAST YEAR was averaging at 148 it is now 200 which is great but it was felt from other results that my disease has developed a little more than last year, but not as much as it did the year before this.

The biggest noticable change is my weight last year i weighted in at 78.4kg (12.34 Stone) now i’ve 66.2kg (10.42 Stone) and it is possible that this could be a mix of lots of different things, i’ve also lost the ability to walk long distances and when i do i’m much more tired than i used to be.

All in all this isn’t the greatest results i wanted to hear but it isn’t something i wasn’t expecting, it was decided that i should try a different daily maintainace antibiotic which i have been each day for some years, the problems with this are that your body gets used to antibiotics and this means that they are not as effective as they could be to help prevent infection.

So as of tomorrow i start Azithromycin instead of Doxycycline for four weeks to see if there is any noticable change however this new antibiotic has to be taken three times a week instead of every day, this is going to be fun!! It was also decided that i would changed my Pulmicort 400 and Oxis 6 inhalers to a new combined inhaler called Fostair 200/6 which i have to have two puffs twice a day. this should also be interesting and a challenge to remember.

My consultant agreed that my depression was mainly caused by my medical conditions and as i was always aware would come and go over my lifetime, it is something that the norm for most patients like me and with the help of anti depressants and understanding people it will not completely disappear but will cause me ongoing problems.

I really hope the young lady i know reads this blog and learns to understand why having her around to chat to and text really helps, i know i’m a pain in the arse and someone that upsets her a lot but i don’t mean to and i really don’t want to lose her she is the best thing in my life at this present time.

She hasn’t cheated on me and i sometimes wish she was always there for me but i know she isn’t and i wish she really was, i trust her beyond anything and anyone. I feel i owe her so so much she gives me hope when i feel so so down and lost and alone but i know she don’t see this and i know she thinks i’m always upto something.

I just wish she would acknoledge me that she is aware i like her and that although she isn’t looking for someone she will as least give me the benefit of her doubt and allow me to treat her really really nicely and like a princess until she feels she does won’t someone.

I’ve worked out that she is really stubborn although she is extremely sweet, and caring.

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