Boring Day!

Its been a boring day! i woke up at 1 am to the sound of what was dad falling at the bottom of the stairs it seems he was attempting to make his way to the loo and just misplaced his stick which in turn meant he lost his balance and fell down.

I called paramedics because i wasn’t willing to take any chances at trying to get him up just in case he may have broken something, although for the 20 minutes he was down on the floor in the hall he was happy to keep telling me he was sorry to wake me and for causing me a problem, But when the paramedic arrived and suggested that for precaution it would be a good idea to take him to ED he point blank refused stating that mistreatment by that hospital had resulted in the death of his wife (my mum) but this wasn’t the case it was a isolated incident on two wards where care procedures weren’t carried out correctly.

At the time myself and my brother made a formal complaint and decided that the finding of the investigation where acceptable, but dad is still trying to blame someone for something which was going to happen anyway regardless of how she was cared for.

It was suggested that they would get our GP to call as soon as possible.

The GP called at 12pm to talk about dad’s legs and pain management and still decided that there was nothing extra that could be given for his pain.

After he had called dad gave me some money and a list of food to get from the shops, “and bring back the change please! i brought back all the shopping and his change he didn’t want me to get anything for me he said that i have enough as it is.

To be honest i have one glass of milk every morning and thats it i really have no appatite anymore i have a bag of crisps and bits and peices throughout the day but nothing else really.

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