Hopefully today will be better? I saw jenny last night she said she felt like I didn’t want to be with her anymore and she was right, but I couldn’t give her a reason! My reasons are that the trust I had with her has gone in the back of my mind it feels that she really don’t want me, that Danny the man she slept with is her first choose.

She told me about all the plan her and her friend had made about when we get married, but I don’t want it I don’t trust her anymore I’ve been here before it rained me? And last time when I made a point of saying the obvious she and her brother threatened me.

To the point where her brother assaulted me in town resulting in me losing more of my memory of my childhood, do I want that again? NO! Jenny isn’t the person I want my dreams to be with not after what she did. But she isn’t listening to me anymore she is following her dreams. Yes I treat her like a princess because that is how mum taught me to treat woman. They are not a object to be used and abused they are precise and need to be treated well.

The young lady I fancy is precious and I’d like to treat her well she has a lovely figure, a smile to die for and a voice of an angel, yet she thinks I’m the worst person on this earth! She thinks I’m a waste of space and worthless. I wish I could make her understand that she gives me a reason to stay around at this minute.

She is the reason why I’ve not followed my plans through because I love in hope that God will for fill my dreams and she will at least give me a chance to show her that I’m not as bad as she thinks that I can make her happy I can give her the love she has always dreamed of and that all she has to do is give me a chance.

Allow me into her heart and let me treat her like the real princess she really is she has nothing which is a challenge and no obstacles which can’t be got over! Just give me a chance I promise on my life I will make her more than happy I will make her the woman she is so proud to be?

All I ask is that she gives me a chance gives me her heart and allows me to hold and kiss and love her beyond her wildest dreams the past is the past, what ever happened has gone and it’s time to find your heart again.

Allow me to love you allow me to make you feel the feeling you lay thinking about, I’m not a bad person just someone who has experienced life in a different way to others bit who has made the best of what i have for as long as I have!

Just give me a chance PLEASE!!

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