Feeling isolated

I delivered some laptops that I’d been repairing over to the other side of Leicester city it was a change not to have jenny with me, but I felt like I wasn’t welcome and I made sure I’d left by 5. But I just wanted to there rather than home, dad told me to stay out until 9 if I was going out at 3.30 as at least he could sleep in peace.

But i didn’t dare tell the person I took the laptops back to I had already rained her evening me even being there, so I drove around to a car park off fosse road and I’ve been sitting here since yeh I’m really cold but I suppose that’s what goes with depression and being annoying to others.

Might text jenny see if she has finished her dinner but she isn’t feeling well so I did suggest that she stay home tonight, I sent the person I took the computers back to a not so nice message which I seriously regret now but I don’t know how to fix it so know I’ve lost her as my friend to.

Why do I feel so alone all I wanted to do today was tell the young lady how I feel about her I know for well she will tell me to go fourth like before but everyone says, I should say what I fell and when I do I just end up in more trouble and feel more down about myself and my life.

I’m a failure in every way and I know that and all I want to be around someone I trust and feel safe with but I couldn’t even do that today, only another 2 hours then I can go back home.

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