Seriously Stressed?

I just wish people would make their fucking minds up! one says one thing and another says something else then someone else decideds to override the others i give fucking up. All i asked is can i have some help please but apparently I don’t meet the requirements for support at this present time however if i apply in 12 months time a fresh decision will be made.

Probably i will manage to get the carers assessment filled in one day but i keep doing bits then leaving it, and the letters someone wrote for dad to send off and get answers to why he is going to be paying so much for his carer. Dad won’t sign them because he says that he plans to give it two months then cancel the lot and have me do all the care he needs, As he says that will be a reason for me to stop doing stuff for everyone and start concentrating on what is important and family is important not friends is what dad says.

I was given one option the other day and that was should i not be happy then i need to fuck off and find somewhere else, it seems i have no choose but i suppose this is how it is and maybe i should learn that i owe people.

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