Roses are red!

It’s valentines day and I got 1 card and some gifts from jenny, I would have preferred the young lady I like to be my valentines but no luck! Maybe one lifetime I hope?

Jenny got me a teddy and some sweets but dad dumped the teddy in the dustbin and put cuppa soup he didn’t want on top of it, nd then over the last few days he’s been eating sweets which I know I didn’t buy.

But this morning he throw my valentines bag away with the comment of “Tell jenny the sweets where lovely she bought you” and also he suggested I tell her “next valentines your new boyfriend will love those sweets you got me” what he really means is that by next year me and jenny won’t be together he hopes.

He feels she is a fake that her autism is a way of her being lazy and ideal and that she is acting dum just to get attention when in dad’s eyes all she needs is a good thumping and kicking back to reality, hence why jenny isn’t welcome anywhere near the house or wherever we are if dad is with me.

To be honest I don’t give a flying fuck what anyone thinks I like who I like and although I love jenny I do fancy the other young lady much more but I’ve already been warned off by her but it still won’t stop my trying. She is so beautiful so caring and has a heart of gold.

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