Nearly missed today!

Yesterday really wasn’t a wonderful day for me and I just didn’t feel I was a part of anything no one wanted to chat as they were all to busy and I ended up, down the cemetery sitting at mum’s grave. The GP has taken away some of dad’s medication we relied on to stop his pain because he said it could cause problems with dad’s heart, but when I asked about alternative pain relief the reply was just call 999.

What they really mean is it’s not our problem yesterday afternoon he was in so much pain I couldn’t do anything just tell him it would be ok, again the carer didn’t show up for work so everything was left to me again.

I need support to you know I’m struggling and no one is listening one bit i really don’t take medication just because it’s something to do? Some of those drugs keep me alive although if I combined them in the right manner that role can easily be reversed.

And I think about it every day these days.

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