Missing Mum!

Today i feel so alone i really miss mum she was always there for me she didn’t judge me and she was always there when no one else was it just feels like i’ve lost everything i had has gone, There is a young lady that i seem to trust more than most people but i’ve seriously scared that i’m stressing her out and i would never forgive myself if that happened.

She keeps me from doing anything stupid at this minute although i will admit i think about it all the time, and my plans are still being thought about just in case Today i might go and sit with mum for a bit like i did yesterday afternoon when jenny was with her friends i no longer go where i’m not wanted or invited i’d rather sit in the car alone than received comments like “what you doing here, you weren’t invited” or “I’ve got friends around and we didn’t invited you”.

Maybe even if i was invited i wouldn’t go because i have nothing in common with people and i end up just sitting on my own quiet anyway i can’t hear the conversations very well so miss lots of things, my GP says there isn’t nothing wrong and i referral will cost the practice money which they don’t have.