Food for thought!

My food for today is a pack of cheesy TUC biscuits, i don’t fancy the ready meal that are in the fridge we never have anything different now mum has gone and i need help to make the one meal i’m good at which is pasta and bacon in tomatoe sauce, mum taught me to make it and its the only thing that i know how to do myself they only problem thought is when its hot i can’t move it or do anything with it as the shaking i get from medication side effects makes even the simple tasks challenging.

And if you have ever meet me face to face you will know that if i’m offered a drink i never have anything that is hot regardless of whether its cold outside or not even though most of the time i’d really love a hot drink so so much, but its embarassing to have shaking hands and drop a hot drink all over the place and then have to explain but its also even more embarrassing to ask someone to carry your drink for you. So i don’t both

I have cold drinks all the time even at home, there are relatives that know that i struggle with things so they always make sure i have at least one hot drink, when i visit but the rest of the time i have cold drinks always and lately i’m getting more and more bored of them each day.

I wish life was normal i wish i didn’t struggle so much with lots of things which are so easy and normal everyday takes for others i dreamed of a life where i was able to help others and my disease would be cured within a few years i know now that will never happen, on average a person with my diseases has a lifespan of 26 to 30 years if no infections are presented throughout the whole 26 years which is highly unlikely.

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