This might read as a odd entry but I feel I need to type up what my beliefs are and why? As so many like to judge me on things they know nothing about or understand.

So now you will my list below is as random and confused as my head is all the time my short term memory means I cannot remember anything of my last blog 10 or 15 minutes after I’ve typed it so it’s a challenge all the time at present a challenge I’m tyring with!

  1. I believe that a young lady sho5be treated as a young lady she grows up battling her body and mind and that of others around her, and therefore deserve to be treated well, loved and cared about instead of used and abused?
  2. I don’t believe that in treating others differently just because they understand something different to you!
  3. I believe that everyone is equal regardless of their ethictistity.
  4. I believe that those with disabilities like myself should be treated equally and with respect for their knowledge and skills regardless of the limitations that they encounter.
  5. I believe in karma! What goes around, comes around? (Do unto others what they do unto you, then fuck off before the police get there?
  6. I believe that a woman deserves to be treated as a princess always, a man should open doors for her, offer her a seat, pay for her, but her flowers and gifts!
  7. I don’t believe in porn or anything that degrades others for commercial gain or pleasure.
  8. I don’t believe that you are born to be bad.
  9. I believe in giving others a chance?
  10. I believe in respect for the dead and that you die and your spirit lives on and watches over those that they once loved while they lived so as to guide them through until your end.
  11. I don’t believe there is a god.
  12. And I don’t care if I upset people or not, should those people not like what they hear or read then they shouldn’t be around you from the start.
  13. I believe that no one gives anything without expecting something in return
  14. I don’t believe in gambling or betting.
  15. I believe in giving always regardless of the amount and not expecting something in return.
  16. I believe that in a relationship bodily contact was meant to be and that holding hand, cuddling and kissing and sx should be soon as a acceptance of your commitment to each other.
  17. I believe that loving someone means loyalty and happiness in good times and bad.

If I’ve upset anyone then I’m sorry? This is me!

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