3 blogs in 3 hours?

Already in 3 hours I’ve typed 3 blog entries this isn’t good! My mind won’t rest and what don’t help is I have a erection the size of a pen and as thick as a cotton reel. And I can’t stop cumming it’s doing my head in but it’s the price I pay for medication that wasn’t tested when I started taking it nearly 39 yrs ago.

I wish I’d taken the chemical castration when I was given the option in 1997 it would have stopped this but would have stopped me ever having a dream of getting married and having a family to but then again dreams like that are for good people worthy people which I’m not even anywhere close.

Sadly this erection will be here all day now so hope I can hide it and I don’t come into contact with any women wearing dresses and tights today else my embarrassment levels will be higher than ever and I’ll be as red faced and trying to find the fastest exit as soon as is physically possible, funny to most it’s something I’ve received constant comments about from the opposite sex for years.

The jokes of I see your please to see me or can I hold that for you! Aren’t funny and that’s why I tend not to stay around long at places.

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