I’m on my own!

Its time to start covering up again i’ve upset so many people that no one wants to know i’m sorry i keep pestering people i’m sorry i bore people and i’m sorry i fail on so many things, those people that know what its like to be in the same world as me know how easy it is to want to give up i don’t have a support network of friends i just have me.

I wish i didn’t feel like this i wish i didn’t feel so alone i wish i had someone to trust someone who cared about me but i don’t so i’ll just continue to do what i’m doing and just keep quiet i thought i’d found someone that understood me someone could help me out of my depression but i was wrong i’m in it alone and its all my fault.

I’m going down mums grave to put some flowers there and have a chat with mum because although she isn’t here she listened to me when no one else did? i miss her i miss having a friend! I thought the young lady i fancy would understand but know she is ignoring me because i’m a waste of time. I would love to hold her and just have her around me, her presents calms me i feel safe around her i don’t feel like i’m so alone when she is around.

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