History Repeats Itself!

I’ve had to call a Dr to dad! his legs are hot and more swollen that they were plus now his thighs are swollen to and he is finding it more difficult to get around he is more tired than normally, a district nurse has visited already and has confirmed my thoughts that the cellulitis has returned with vengeance and the antibiotics that he has been taking aren’t working.

When myself and Sarah went up to the Dr’s surgery and talked to them they where happy that the symptoms we were describing were requiring a Dr to visit and possibly send dad to hospital to get the infection under control, All dads General observations are normal the one thing i did learn to do correctly over the time of looking after mum was general observations.

But something isn’t right and i don’t want to feel guilty for not doing something and something happens, Dr has just come and dad is going into hospital for further medications.

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