Just got up!

It’s 8.25 am I’ve just got up got my volunteering uniform on and come down to find dad fast asleep in the chair. It’s cold again so that would tell me he’s been up early and switched the heating off again. But it’s pointless putting it back on as it goes off on timer at 9 am.

Went into the kitchen and the pots were stacked up again I washed them before I went bed at 10.30 pm so reten he’s had a party over night that I wasn’t invited to yet again, I’ve washed them up again now it’s bin day so I’ve also been out the back and took the wheelie bins up to the gate and then unlocked the gate.

I’ve also been out the front and unlocked the side gates to our courtyard so the bin men can get around to the gate, I’ve took the laundry out the dryer and folded it and also took it upstairs and put it away. He’s still asleep Sarah’s meant to be coming today but I understand dad gave her permission to bring her 3 month old grandson with her so she won’t be doing anything today just sitting drinking tea.

When I finish volunteering at 11 am I’ll come back and Hoover the lounge and stairs and if I have time I might clean the kitchen worktops, I’m meant to be meeting the young lady at 2.30 pm dad thinks I’m going for hospital training it’s my only way of getting out! He’s just woken up and asked if I’ve done the bins.

Can’t remember if I’ve had my meds but hey it won’t matter. People think I’m going to do something stupid. I’ve been doing that for years so nothing to worry about really. I’m probably going to get the third degree from the young lady this afternoon but I don’t care I’ve got used to it now.

I just want so time out but everytime I try I’m wanted for something else but what would I do anyway I have nothing and no one?

My own fault for trusting people!!

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