Thinking day!

Today is a thinking day i sat last night in the cold wondering what i need to do again, no one is there anymore and i’m struggling to cope with this depression on my own people are aggitated that i send them messages or try to contact them on different social media apps, the latest replies are likei got on the week before new years eve. “What do you want” or “why are you texting”.

In the end i don’t know what i want i just need a missing link that i don’t have anymore, i’ve been used twice now and end just taking it then the minute i don’t the shit fits the fan and people take the hump, I just wish i could wan’t out of this life and disappear to somewhere where no one ever knows me or where there is no one for thousands of miles.

Think its time i moved forward with my plans so need to go out to a few other places and see how regularly people come by if not at all and how hidden away they are. then i need to decided on a time and wht, i’ve slowly started reducting the anti depressents as i don’t like what they are causing me to have more problems with so was better off without them even thought when i did go down i went donw like a lead balloon.

Either way i’m going down under anyway so it don’t really matter!!!


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