The side effects!

It’s 3.07pm and I feel seriously crap I’ve got my stomach pain back and I’m stuck in the loo again, the third time today! Took my 10mg of prednisolone this morning and the lansoprasole tablet to try and calm the stomach acid down which it normally does without a issue! But today it’s not?

I want something to eat but know it will just go straight through me if I do, so I’m reluctant to even try drinking something either other than water.

Sarah turned in at 11am for 3 hours but isn’t well and I’ve done the food shopping and emptied the bins in the time it took her to clean the wet room.

Ready meals yet again for dad and me but how do I tell him I don’t want them anymore and I don’t have the energy or cash to go out to a pub somewhere for something, o well the pain will go and I’ll be ok again.

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