Offical Launch!

Tonight is the Official launch to the community and media of Western Park Ward and Leicester & Leicestershire the Charity Western Ward Community Enterprise setup by people in the Western Park Community of Leicester who want to make a difference and provide a community hub for all levels of people.

I was asked to be a trustee for the charity because of my links with the Disability world and one of the sites which the community plans to take over, So tonight i will be mixing the good of the community where my former school is located and with dignatores from across leicestershire and the East Midlands.

Our main purpose is to promote our enterprise and to also encourage sources of funding for the projects we have planned these include.

A community cafe located within the grounds of the grade II listed former Western Park Open Air School, located in Western Park Leicester.

An Open-Air Cinema as well as a Changing places Toilet facility for severally disabled visitors to the park and surrounding area.

A Community function room and outdoor classroom for young people within the area. And much more

I’m looking forward to taking part in this but i feel that i’m not really a part of the community and therefore will probably stand back and allow everyone else to have the glory, my interest is in preserving my former school site and leaving a lasting memory of the work that was done there to make the lives of young disabled people today better.

I might stay for the formal bit and then leave i don’t feel a part of anything at this minute i don’t have the interest that i used to my reasons for this are mainly the depression at the minute, i even sent a copy of the leicester i received from the police to my Volunteer Coordinator at Leicester’s Hospitals because no one was interested here at home. Dad just said well done but its not going to get you anywhere in life so don’t do it again, and when i asked him where should i put the letter he suggested i should shred it like he didn’t my 5 yrs volunteering award, which i got last year.

I’m taking my camera kit with me this evening as i was asked if i would take some photos but dad says i should be selling the kit up because the money could be used to pay bills and that is more important than me swanning around taking stupid photos that no one wants, unfortunately he don’t understand that photography is my way out at this minute.

But as he said this morning because social services have taken his care fees up i will have to start doing more than what i already do so he can cut costs, and if i because unwell then i’ll have to explain why i’m not able to support him. But why is it my responsibility my brother tells me as i’m the oldest i need to become responsible for my actions and take a step back from my life and put it on hold until dad no longer needs care or support and then i can have my life back.

But then i find out he and his wife plan to go on holiday for 4 week in july, i’ve already given up many of the things i used to do, i no longer go camera club or Amateur radio Club, and i’ve for the last few months been paying the virgin media bills and insurance for the house. I received my EESA yesterday and today i have only £8.00 left to last me until the middle of next month, as i’ve paid all the household bills from it.

My next lot of money i will pay my mobile phone bill and my outstanding credit card payments of £150 each so by the end of that week i will have around £40 left out of £400 plus i need to keep my promises to pay someone back because i needed fuel for the car the other day so thats another £50.00, and the only thing dad every says is that his pension money his for him to spend as he pleases, I hate loaning money from him or my brother because they always want it back with 30% interest therefore i lose and they gain.

Unfortunately because dad owns the property we aren’t entitled to anyting discounts on council tax or untility bills so like a fool when mum passed away i suggested i should cover what i can, that is why i don’t hardly have anything left to spend on myself.

Sometimes i wonder why i agree to do stuff but if i don’t i never hear the last of it from my brother or dad so i just do it to keep the peace. Anyway i’m off to get my suit on tie and get my laptop and camera’s ready.

Still have my headache and don’t feel like eating anything yet again, o well a least i’m losing the weight the doctor asked me to loose, i was at 72kg i’m at 61kg now bet my BMI is still shit though.


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