Had enough!

Today i’m really pissed off, jenny has been sticking her nose into something which isn’t her business she feels that Sarah is taking advantage of us she feels that she is using our car as her own personal taxi service and that isn’t the case, if i’m a little short of funds then i offer to take her places so as to get some cash to pay for fuel for the car.

I’m not willing to take anyones side on the ocassion but i am pissed off bigtime because jenny feels she is being walked over but i don’t see how to be honest, Sarah has been employed by our family for the past 7 years she is good at her job but has some time keeping problems. But when the shit hits the fan on situations which relate to medical she is on the ball, she can take the lead in a emergency or be a second set of eyes and ears if you need a second opinion.

She is happy to be the brunt of my practical jokes and sarcastic humor but she can give as good as she gets most of the time, which i love, I don’t like taking sides ok and i don’t see the point of arguing about something which isn’t worth it.

On another note my depression hasn’t really given me a problem today because i’ve been kept busy, doing different things so haven’t had a chance to sit and think i would still love to ask the young lady out and not feel that she will say NO but as she isn’t talking to me i feel i have lost her without even finding her.

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