Busy again

Yesterday was so busy dad gained a allergic reaction to the iv antibiotics so I had to get some emergency assistance from the community district nurses and the on call GP, it was a scarey moment when I couldn’t wake him yesterday morning but my advanced first aid training took over once I’d realised what had happened and I was able to take control quickly although it was a one in a million chance that the intensive care nurses knocked the door as I was phoning for help.

It seems the IV does is a little to strong but this has been reduced now and he seems to be doing ok plus the infection in his legs seems to be clearing. So yesterday I was busy and didn’t hve time to think about anything. Yeh I missed my medication and didn’t really eat anything but hey you can’t have it all. I still miss jenny and now the young lady I like isn’t talking to me at all I feel I’ve roamed everything yet again.

O well today I’m volunteering at the hospital and have the task of training someone so I’m enjoying that greatly it’s something I love doing I have a feeling of success when they go volunteering solo and do good things it’s enjoyable.

Sadly it’s not all the time and I will probably not see that person next week but hey. I understand jenny is volunteering somewhere in the hospital today but I’ve not seen her so don’t know were. And to be honest I’m not to worried as long as she is happy I’m happy, although I will help her if I find her distressed or confused because that’s how I am.

Lets see what happens for the rest of today?

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