Still can’t sleep and now I have the added complication of a erection that won’t deflate and a brain that won’t shutdown!

That young lady came to mind earlier do I ask her out and risk being rejected yet again or do I be honest with her and tell her I fancy the socks off her and just wish she would give me a chance to make her feel good inside and really love. No Glynn you can’t say that it sounds to plain ok.

I fancy you because you make me smile you always say the right words to make me smile again. You know when something is wrong even if I don’t say anything? You have a body and smile that I’ve fallen in love with and want to be the reason why you wake feeling nice inside.

No no no it’s a waste of time she purposely ignores you she told me no a few yrs ago so what’s changed now.

Nothing! I would love to spend a few hours kissing and cuddling her with a hope that she would give me a chance to prove I can love her better than anyone.

It’s probably a good thing I can’t get to the meeting I’d make a fool of myself like always anyway.

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