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So I’m wide awake dad called me on the house phone head tried several times to call me other ways but knew I’d answer the house phone as that is in every room in the house. It seems his reason was clear his pain is higher that 15 using the general pain scale of 1 to 10.

All his joints are swollen and red and his osteoarthritis is flaring up again unfortunately his GP will only allow me to give him cocodamal 8/500mg every 4 hrs which don’t really touch anything but it’s better than nothing I really don’t know what to do to help him.

I could call paramedics but before Christmas I did that and we received a bill for £170 for “unnecessary call” the explanation was that it was apparent that the patient had adiquite pain relief at scene! Thus wasting service resources.

So I can’t call them again unless he’s given birth to a fridge!! This is time when I wish I wasn’t a solo carer when I wish I had backup support from district nurses or carers but I don’t it all costs and we don’t have the cash available, social services already take 3/4 of Sarah’s wages each month from dad’s pension.

Do gooders tried to help him and he’s ended up paying 3 x as much. They tell him that if he sells his home and going into a home he will receive his care for free. If we have a care agency in they will only call for 15 minutes x 4 throughout the day.

Which means should he need to do other things like shopping the I will have to do that which is what I do now, I’m a 24/7 carer but I take no payment I struggle sometimes to care for myself let alone dad but no one listens no one wants to know! This morning my headache is just as bad as before I have stomach pain yet again and I just don’t want to be here but not a sole listens.

If I become to unwell to care for myself or him he gets safeguarded against me and i get investigated for potential mistreating him or not supporting his needs as his family carer.

He won’t allow anyone in the house to help he is fearsly addiment that we are ok that outsiders are just paid do gooders trying to nose around at other ways to gain more funds from him. To be honest it would be nice just to have some time out for a day or two! But it’s pointless I’m unable to go to meeting or just do something different other than being a carer.

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