Do I! don’t i? That is the question rolling through my head jenny called this morning asking me to forgive her saying she wont do it again! I want to believe her but something tells me I should give her some of her own medication back.

How could she do such a thing to me and she nothing wrong in it I stay faithfully to whoever I date I don’t sleep around its not how I’d like to be treated.

She says she’s alone she feels no one wants to be her friend no one understands her! Her biggest problem is she never listens, she sees that she is always right but she isn’t just because someone turns you on you don’t agree to sleep with them and not use any protection do you?

Do I take her back with the condition that should she find herself pregnant then she’s on her own, or do I just deal with it and pretend it’s mine?

She really don’t understand what she meant to me how it felt to finally find someone who loved me from the inside out instead of just for my skills.

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