11.50pm & wide awake

Today hasn’t been a great day all the people that told me I could contact them if I felt down didn’t answer or when they did were to busy to listen.

I had to take dad to see the dr and myself to see the specialist advanced nurse practioner as I think I have a infection on my chest again. Dad has cellulitis again in both legs and was prescribed two different antibiotics for the next 14 days to see if they work.

I just told I needed to start my rescue pack which comprises of a pack of high dose antibiotics and several packs of prednisolone tablets. I’ve still not decided what to do about jenny and it’s slowly getting to me again.

I think I upset that young lady I fancy so don’t think I’ll hear from her again which is a shame I was just getting the guts together to ask her for a secret kiss and cuddle somewhere but hey it’s how it goes.

How do I tell her face to face how I feel knowing the only response will be either no or fuck or yes!.

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