Can’t sleep

So it’s 5:43 a.m. and I can’t sleep the left side of my head is pounding again I thought I got rid of this headache yesterday had some paracetamol it cleared for about an hour and came back again getting really annoying unfortunately today’s blog is going to be a little bit fragmented a bit all over the place my mind cannot stay on one thing for a few minutes so it keeps changing sorry so it is.

I’m horny again my cock is as hard as a fucking Rock.  (bloody speech recognition has no sense of understanding,) can’t stop thinking about that girl she’s fucking gorgeous.

She’s a wheelchair user with a body to die for, Sexy Isn’t the word I’d love to find somewhere alone with her and ask her if we could kiss and if she said yes which I bet she wouldn’t  (I’d probably faint if she did though)

I’d put my arms around her and kiss her so passionately for as long as possible if She wpuld allow she is beautiful but I know that she wouldn’t even give me a chance if I asked her she’s already said no loads of times but hey how its goes no one thing I don’t want to be alone I hate being alone love to Fred and Freda her full stop fingering feel abbreviations dating just love them been listening to me on the amateur radio tonight.

There was a station from Kentucky USA coming in having a lovely conversation about diamond 7 band vertical and how he’d been building an ombi-directional 2.4 gigahertz and 5 gigahertz WiFi antenna so I could set up a community District internet repeater he said he that if he had it with 35 Watts the estimated from his Tower of 110 feet that he be able to transmit the 200 Meg internet connection across a roundabout 50 miles so the one I have already built which just does the 2.4 gigahertz band using 5W should transmit a repeater frequency across about 5 or 6 miles if I put the antenna on the top I’ve my 65 ft mast. 

Which is located just outside the window of my bedroom here you know if I soldered together a repeater box and connect it in line with the Virgin of downstairs I can wirelessly transmit the signal to the Repeater outside that should be enough to set up my own VPN virtual private network which I can use around the City saving me having to hop and skip on two internet connections that’s in time saving me dated allowance fees off my mobile phone.

I built a app on my mobile phone some years ago so that I could quite easily hop and skip on and off the rogue part of all wifi signals whether they be BT Zone all the cloud it don’t matter every signal has a rogue signal a piece of the band which isn’t used by anything.

Its thrown out of the system other unusable data but sometimes it’s more powerful and the everyday signal the every mobile phone or laptop connect to the average rogue signal can work out to be anything from 20 meg to 300 Meg depending on the type of connection very useful if you know about it and I know about it I have two combined skills I’ve been an i t technician and an amateur radio operator the amateur radio operators know all about antennas and signals

As well as radio technique Q codes radio licensing regulations operating technique emergency service response emergency service liaison law enforcement skills electronics health and safety EMC electromagnetic compatibility.

And antennas as well as many other things look to demonstrate the radio system at the centre where I do the photography, but there’s always a but there is people with wheelchairs electric wheelchairs and unfortunately the processes in those chairs can quite usually be compromised by EMC which comes from the radio antennas it’s the magnetic side of the transmission and therefore can render wheelchair useless.

For some time not worth it in the end little portable radios that I carry a little yellow one that doesn’t do anything still have to be a bit careful though because it can cause something a little interim interference which can be a pain in the fucking arse to fix normally with the radio club in Norfolk we go out in the middle of nowhere and demonstrate to the public and.

We do radio at its best in that case because we’re outside the EMC disperses easily doesn’t cause any interference therefore people have safe any trouble with that bit though visit our Tower after be above 35 ft high which means is not always possible all depends on location see, I do have another hobby and I understand it but as usual it’s the lonely one people don’t know about us which is not to say anything there are millions of radio amateurs around the country and the world that I just ordered me everyday people with a specialist skill a skill which no one knows about but we understand a lot lot lot lot more than most sadly that’s how it goes.

Yesterday Sarah turned up about 11 o’clock with baby in hand she didn’t do much she came with me shopping with baby went round ASDA got some bits back them up through checkout ended up taking her home and carrying all the bags into the house myself really heavy knackered myself but that’s how it goes ended up sitting.

Wanted to go out and Gordon is just too tired Noddy came round to see me had some radios that he wanted reprogramming Noddy’s been coming for years his nickname is Noddy his real name is John he’s a security man at one of the local shopping centres here in Leicester.

Noddy is a lower licence and I am therefore isn’t able to do certain tasks without the support of an advanced licence like my programming radios and not his strong point especially when they DMR digital mobile radio new Generation radio communication that the police use however we cannot listen or program four police frequency as it’s against the law in the United Kingdom.

They seem to think that licence Ham’s will interrupt them we won’t we know the law we know what we’re about to do and we know when we’re allowed to help unlike the U.S where are the general public are encouraged to assist the emergency services here in the UK it is deemed the all of us an untrustworthy therefore we are not allowed to do this unless we are part other communications Club for service much like raynet the radio amateurs emergency network a service.

Which he paid for buy charitable contribution which provides support in emergency situations from licensed radio amateurs what specialist skills like me my especially skill is information technology.

I can combine the skills of radio Communications with my other skill of information technology this able to connect computers to the internet using radio waves rather than MiFi Wi-Fi mobile internet 4G 3G 20 g and the mobile phone who needs a mobile phone when you have a radio an extra skill you never knew I could do finally finished with my Kindle was reading a book Cold behind the doors of the mortuary.

Interesting nice update have a friend who is a funeral director she got me interested the hidden side of the industry the bits that you don’t see the bits that no one sees the gory side sometimes happy mostly sad but really fucking interesting. Another thing you didn’t know about oh well there’s lots of things you don’t know about went down to the club where Jenny goes on a Mondays last night (fucking voice recognition) let’s try again (saw Jenny there) got it this time.

Danny, Danny got up and shook my hand and sincerely apologized for fucking my girlfriend my was girlfriend told me it was an accident I shook his hand and advised him that it was an accident that is threatened to deal with them next time funny thing is he’s got no idea would I mean it or not people will have to decide tell you one thing god I fucking love people know that I’m lonely you did lonely every time something like that happened up to now that’s a big time

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