Yet again!

So I got up finally at 9am. Was really dizzy and still got that headache, went down stairs to find dad in the chair fast asleep.

I noticed that he’d got his breakfast sorted but added no milk the bowl was on top of the microwave near the fridge so I’d assume that he’d started and couldn’t stand any longer so left it to go sit down.

So I added the milk and put it on the table in the lounge for him. And went back in the kitchen to find all the dirty pots stacked up on the sink.

So I decided to start washing them up and drying them. I noticed the dirty washing in a pile on the floor to so put them in the washer and added all the soapy stuff hate that stuff makes my hands itch but someone’s got to do it.

Now it’s 9.40 and dads just shouted saying thanks for the breakfast apparently he’s been awake most of the night in pain and been moving from the chair to the sofa and back to try and get comfortable and get no pain so he could sleep.

Sarah hasn’t rang and I’ve already called three time with no answer so I’m assuming I’m on my own yet again. Dad wants me to go collect his pension from the cash point and then go Lidl shopping and then go ASDA to get some ready meals for us both for the week. I never eat last week’s so won’t eat these but hey. Had to drill two more holes in my belt yesterday.

I’m currently on the loo with stomach pain as usual and just realised I’ve not had my meds this morning o well to late now so will miss them again for today. Could have done with them though jenny noticed I’m wheezing like a good earn but got to do jobs and support the only person I have left in my life now.

He’s still certain he’s not allowing anyone through that door to help us regardless of if we are on our last legs. We can’t afford it he’s on about cancelling the direct payments and getting rid of sarah and then getting me to do all The work.

Which I do already. I think I pulled my back yesterday lifting the washing skip upstairs to put the clean washing on the bed in the front bedroom.

I just fancy a roast dinner with all the trimmings but will most likely end up with what I had last night which was a bag of dried appricots from Christmas.

And I protein drink. One of these days I’m going to wake up to find him dead in the chair from a heart attack because of the stress from the pain. And there is nothing I can do about it. I rang the dr to get him a appointment for tomorrow to see someone as his legs have swollen up again which means yet another infection he only finished antibiotics a week ago.

I got told yesterday that i’m to cancel all meetings for the foresee able future and start concentrating on things going on here.

O well on a lighter note I still have the flag pole up lol !!!!

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