Feeling guilty

I sent Jenny to see Nadine yesterday because I was really unhappy, but it seems from what I understand the Spanish Inquisition were there too.

Nadine, Calais, Danny and Jenny. Jenny revealed all but felt like she was being picked on that isn’t how I wanted it to be. oh well but still can’t decide what to do, do I dump her, do I forgive her? Or do I just give a bit of her own medicine back? I know one thing I can’t be alone again been alone it’s like I am already I’m alone for everything.

it’s 7:35 actually 7:15 according to my phone Dad’s just got up and i hear him screaming in pain. I don’t know how to help him I’m in bed still going to be one of those days! I think Jenny says she’s going to go down to Abbey park and sit down and sit there and have a think do I really care? nope! she could do whatever she wants apparently I should not be telling her what to do apparently Danny says I shouldn’t be banning her from going to stay at Danny’s he’s dam well lucky I don’t fucking kill him.

The only person that saved him from that is Nadine I’m starting to wonder who is my friend or who is it might be better as I was with one

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