A better day!

Today has been a better day i woken up at about 9.30 am and had my medication then had to sit for a while just didn’t feel well still have the headache that explain the wanted some things doing wanted me to go out and collect some stuff so I did about 12 o’clock wanted McDonald’s as well.

I decided not to get in that but got in a milkshake instead when I got back home he was creaming his legs in the bathroom, so I decided to go in a kitchen and start making some pasta well not quite making pasta boiling ready-made pasta made all that up added some tomato sauce added some mushrooms some onions some tomatoes and some bacon pieces mixed.

it all together and dish it up did not look nice made too much though as usual,

but hey it was something to eat only problem is that i must have had about 5 spoonfuls of it and didn’t want it Dad it always though like a Hoover in a toilet bowl still thinking about Jenny still don’t know what to do meta tonight she said she’s sorry but.

I don’t know I really don’t like Danny isn’t anywhere close you took my hint I told him to stay more than 10 feet away from me and he has done ain’t gonna touch him but it’s the thought that makes him stay away I had no intention of touching it in the end Psychology memes that I can say something but, it don’t mean it but it depends if that person feels unsafe enough to believe each To Their Own I know one thing does it again I might not be as.

i am now and I’m very chilled certain person yesterday ask me am I going to dumper if that certain person would have said yes to me asking her out then maybe a would.

But I know she won’t because as usual I probably don’t meet the grade I’m probably not good enough lol a person might give me a chance, she’s Drop Dead Gorgeous I know that and yeah she is my type and yeah I’d treat her like a princess and yeah I won’t let her down.

she’s worth so much she is so so so sexy so so so so beautiful but I know I’m not going to get a chance so I ain’t going to waste my breath asking unless she that is me we will see.

I have no idea whether she will and no idea what does she want anything I know it’s, I’m not as pissed off as I was yesterday but I am annoyed and I still don’t know what to do I’m getting one live information from one person totally different bit of information from another person.

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