My worst day ever

This morning my girlfriend has been fucking her friend is she staying with over the weekend don’t make me too pleased don’t make me too happy in fact.

I’m fucking annoyed I’ve given her a warning and unfortunately, I’ve threatened to hang the bastard Danny is his name send him a text message warning him unfortunately got a bit sarcastic about, I should be keeping a better eye on my girlfriend you should keep his filthy fingers offer and his fucking cock away from her

I sent you a text a couple of days ago saying he wondered if she was coming round for the weekend he needed some human contact see what you fucking meant you really doesn’t know how pissed off.

I am unfortunately for some stupid fucking reason tonight I met Jenny let her do a sorry story about he forced her he always does it blubbering telling me she’s sorry,  I’ve given her a warning again she asked me if I loved it I said you’ll find out in a couple of days to give me a cuddle and a kiss so she won’t do it again I really don’t know whether to believe her or not told her that if she if.

I dump her then she can keep every single thing I’ve ever bought her I don’t ever want it back and I don’t ever want to see her ever again she’s really upset but hey what about me I thought she was the one I thought she wouldn’t let you down as fucking usual and wrong really wrong why do I always lose.

why do I always get the fucking idiots why can’t I find someone who will love me for me who will accept the problems, I have who will try and help me and support me we will accept I have the depression and sometimes it’s worse than other days and who will actually love me regardless I don’t know whether she’s lying telling the truth I’ve got no idea.

I asked a friend if she would help me work out who’s saying what even she couldn’t help me because she can’t work it out either, one’s  saying one Thing One saying another going to give it a few days then I’m going to think about it think I might send her a text message telling her to fuck off.

I’ve had enough and I don’t care what she does then she says she’s going to do something stupid but she has a lot of things but she never does them yeah I know sometimes I let her down I passed her on to someone else because, I have to look after dad because I can’t get out because of care hasn’t turned up they don’t mean she has to get a revenge doing it this way I’m really pissed off.

I was on a down day already and it’s got even worse and I really don’t know what to do and no one can help me just like with everything else no one can help me oh well

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