One Shit day leads to another!

So last night while i was out in Leicester City Centre my mobile phone got stolen! my life for the past 7 years has gone through that phone its my main link with the world? my memories of mum and the fun times we had while she was in hospital as well as all the staff that supported our family during her illness and after she had passed away are most likely gone forever.

My insurance won’t honor the policy because it expired on the 1st December 2017 and it was not their responsibility to notify me that it had expired, So Vodafone you can now go fuck yourself as i’ve been paying 13.99 a month on top of my bill for the past 7 years to you and out of good will you can’t give me a new phone.

Their response was that if i wanted to renew it in full it would cost me a up front cost of £376 and then i could be eligible to claim for a new phone in six months time. unfortunately i don’t have the £376 and i need a phone now! So EE here i come? and i will have to keep paying my mobile phone bill with Vodafone until the contract ends in May this year.

So fucking pissed off i can’t talk to anyone and my depression isn’t getting any better last night i just wanted to sit and cry i never thought something so small would be worth so much to me. Its my lifeline to the world and my way of keep safe.


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