Its 10 am and i feel crap!

I must have fell back sleep. I feel so crap I’ve got really bad shakes and my head is doing summer salts. I’ve just taken my meds and been given my orders for today.

Dad dont want to go out but wants his legs washing and the shower cleaning and I’m to make dinner because he just can’t stand today.

I just want to rest my chest is tight and im wheezing quite a bit but there isnt anyone else and things need to be done.

Now i got jenny on my back she is moaning about watching the mums and kids going to the park near her she wants us to have kids this year. I’m sorry but i really dont want that at this minute i need to get myself sorted. In fact at this minute i dont think i want jenny anymore either she is just to much for me! But how do i tell her she has learned to trust me she knows if im there she will be safe.

What do i do just slowly ignore her and hope she gets the message No thats not me but i know i definitely don’t want kids.

I feel so slow and tired i feel crap!

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