So 2018 has begun and life as a carer continues for me and for every carer worldwide! today my mind is constantly flicking from one thing to another i can’t keep focused on anything for long so their might be loads of entries into this blog for the 1st of the 1st 2018.

So over night i’ve had time to think about my plans for this year, my new years resolution is to trust no one and reject all help and support from anyone as it always seems when you get help or ask for help their is always a catch no one wants to help you unless there is something in it for them..

So dad wants to learn kindle all of a sudden! it seems he’s heard something on BBC Radio Leicester from Gloria Huneford and her new book so wants to buy it and read it, sorry he want it read to him.

Jenny’s calling yet again! i just told her i’ve just woken up but i’ve been up quite a while.

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