Back again!

so i return back to the blog after i set dad up with audioble and got him a book so he could listen to, it skint me yet again but hey its how it is my life is about owing people and making sure others stay happy.

I went out to asda and picked jenny up on the way i thought it would be a way of her being out with me and like she wants to be with me more, but something isn’t right with her she says their is nothing wrong but i think there is. i also think we are nearly over just like dad wanted it to be, as he always says “why can’t i go out with someone normal, instead of life’s misfits” he means those with disabilities i grow up in a disability world i don’t see problems of obstacles like others do.

If mum had been around she would have told him but she isn’t sadly she died in 2016 from sepsis after fighting it for a very long time, that night i watched my best friend and the one woman that actually believed in me lose her fight right in front of my eyes that night my world ended and so did the protection from someone that believed in me for my skills and honesty.

I met jenny in April 2017 she was at the time a volunteer for the Leicestershire & Rutland Carers Centre. i was taking the photos for a group that meets there the group where doing crafts and glass engraving which i know how to do, jenny was struggling to engrave her glass so i put the camera down and offered to help her which she agreed. so with a guiding hand i supported her and she engraved her glass. I loved it and loved the way she just said thank you and explained that no one had ever helped her like i did.

We hit it off from then on and we have been seeing each other since then. We all think jenny has Autisum so therefore life is challenging at the best of times, someone gets in the way in a shop of a crowd of people you will know about it. and she don’t mince her words, it used to be embarrassing but now its quite funny to watch the reaction for the person on the receiving end.

And if you swear then she can to and she knows more words then you do! Trust Me!!! but other than that jenny is a really rewarding person to be around she is making progress every day i’ve spent a long time making sure she understand when she has done something wrong and when she hasn’t.

I love her smile and the way she looks when she is enjoying something or if she is struggling to cope with a situation her face turns red and she starts crying. All she needs is someone to spend the time to sit with her and explain things slowly and to also get her involved. Its a lonely world when life is confusing and no one around you understands.

I enjoy giving her my time and my love in return i get much more than i give yes i struggle with lots of things daily but i choose not to show that or explain

I don’t want to upset jenny but i think i will end up doing that, as i explained to her she is currently the only person that its keeping me from walk away. but i think soon she won’t stop me.

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